Our program

Services for treatment of mental health and
co-occurring disorders

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Why us

A comprehensive treatment choice

Embrace Life Change provides comprehensive mental health care across all levels, standing out as one of the few facilities primarily focused on mental health, ensuring targeted, specialized treatment for those most in need.

We know that there are just not enough mental health treatment centers accessible to those that need them. Just one of the many reasons we take our responsibility to the community seriously.

Clinical & Medical approach

We integrate a clinical approach with medical expertise to offer comprehensive care for both the mind and body.

Passionate providers

Our team, from therapists to nurses to case managers, each is eeply committed to the mission of behavioral health.

24/7 Round the Clock Care

With a nearly 1-1 staff to client ratio we provide trained care and medical access 24 hours a day, everyday.


Psychiatrist and MD on staff

Having a psychiatrist and a medical doctor on staff in a mental health treatment center is crucial as it bridges the gap between mental and physical health, ensuring a holistic approach to patient care.


Medication management

In mental health treatment, medication management is a critical component, ensuring that medications are used safely and effectively to treat psychiatric conditions.


Focused care

Focused care in a small residential facility is pivotal in mental health treatment, as it allows for individualized attention and the creation of tailored, adaptable care plans that are informed by a vast network of expertise.

Partial example of curriculum

Structured daily schedule


Mindful Mornings

Mornings begin with meditation, promoting a calm start to the day, followed by chores and breakfast, instilling a sense of responsibility and normalcy.


Therapeutic Groups

Engage in various group sessions focusing on trauma, relationships, and managing emotions. Specialized sessions like DBT, exploring intimate relationships, and addressing emotions.



Participate in life skills and coping strategy workshops to prepare for reintegration. Also enjoy community outings and family visits that support holistic healing.

Creative outlets through music and art therapy, alongside life skills workshops, provide practical support for reintegration. The inclusion of outings, family visits, and vocational activities further enriches the program, facilitating holistic healing and personal growth within a supportive community framework.